The famous Bavarian Oktoberfest has started. Since the 19th September masses of beer, white sausages and pretzel attract millions of people. Do you join the Oktoberfest or do you plan to visist the Oktoberfest next year? Then we’ve collected 10 Oktoberfest tips, you should definitely know.
10. Get up early

When you’ve missed to reserve a table, you’ve to get up early in order to find a vacant seat in the popular beer tents. Especially at the weekend you’ve to be there two hours before the opening at 9am.

Oktoberfest in Munich: inside the tent

9. White sausage “Weißwurst” breakfast

When you spend your time in Bavaria at the Oktoberfest and want to try the traditional “Weißwurst” breakfast, then remember to order this before 12am and don’t eat the skin of the sausage!

Bayerisches Frühstück im Hofbräuhaus
8. The perfect costume – Tying the bow right or left?

Of course the local Bavarians love to see the tourists in traditional costumes. When you join the Oktoberfest, the ladies should definitely wear the famous dirndl and men should put on the traditional leather trousers “lederhosen”. But ladies be careful! It has different meanings if you tie your bow right or left. Right means: not ready to flirt. Left means: ready to flirt.


7. Smokeless tobacco instead of cigarettes

The Oktoberfest tents are non-smoking areas. Therefore it is common that smokers use smokeless tobacco. However, be careful with it. Huge amounts of smokeless tobacco cause headaches and I guess the hangover will be exhausting enough 😉

Rauchen verboten

6. Learn Bavarian “Boarisch”

It is an advantage to know the most important Bavarian vocabulary.

5. Mobile apps as guidance

More than 6 millions celebrate the Oktoberfest in Munich each year. In order to reduce the risk to get lost in the crowd, we recommend to use the Oktoberfest app with its maps as guidance. If you know the grounds and can describe where you’re, it’s much easier to find back to your group. Here you get the official map:

Oktoberfest München 2013
4. Last selling of drinks at 10.30pm

You can order your drinks in the beer tents at the Oktoberfest from Monday till Friday from 10am to 10.30pm. On Saturday and Sunday the tents are already open at 9am.

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3. After-Wiesn-Parties

When the tents of the traditional Oktoberfest close, it doesn’t mean that the party is over. Many clubs and bars offer special Oktoberfest parties starting at 20pm. But on one condition: You don’t have to move waevingly from side to side 😉

2. “Oide Wiesn” as insiders’ tip

In case you want to celebrate the Oktoberfest with your whole family, we recommend to spend time at the “Oide Wiesn”, where it is not that crowded and more quiet. Near to the Hans-Fischer street you experience a pleasant atmosphere with Bavarian live music, culinary specialities and carnival rides.

Oide Wiesn
1. Budget high costs

They again increased the prices this year. Now, even in the small tents, you’ve to spend 10 Euros at least to order one liter of beer.
Here you get the current prices of the beer in the several tents:

Bier und Lebkuchenherz