Nowadays, it becomes more and more difficult to impress your friends. Sometimes you get the impression that even little kids are more creative and have better ideas. Actually it is possible to astonish people with simple things. We have collected for you 10 tricks to learn to impress your friends.

10. The Moonwalk never stopy to be hip and still is a wonderful thing to impress your friends. With the help of this instruction and a little bit of practice, you will soon become a Moonwalk-hero!

9. Your buddy brought Popcorn because you met to spend a dvd night, but you neither have a microwave nor a bowl to prepare it? No problem, look how it works with a simple beer can instead.

8. You pregamed enough and want to hit the road now? Your friends will be in surprise when you tie up your shoes like that:

7. Whereas everybody struggles to peel a mango, you can do it in a very easy way instead. The only thing you need is a drinking glass.

6. With a simple piece of cellotape you can impress your friends and prove that you are able to look through frosted glass. Great trick, isn’t it?

5. You never get too old for a self-made shadow play. Unfortunatelly it sometimes fails because of the quality of your shadow figures. Learn these figures and impress your friends.

4. Your friends don’t think you will get into the parking space? Just put a balloon at the end of your car and you will have a great parking sensor.

3. Painting a picture sometimes is easier than you think. You will definitely impress your friends with a 3D painting like this.

2. Why investing many time in peeling and cutting into pieces, when it can be so easy and fast? With a blender you can easily prepare a fresh water melon juice.

1. In the digital era of mp3s, music streaming etc. nobody needs the old CDs anymore. Do you want get rid of your old CD collection and do you want to impress your friends? Take a look at this trick then: