Being a father is not easy. Many people underestimate how much patience and effort is needed to raise up a child. However, when the kids are there, there is no return. Sometimes, in special situations, you can understand that the nerves are raw, but very often it’s unbelievable which ideas come to the fathers’ minds, when they have to baby-sit. Look at these 10 irritated fathers, who probably wish to do something else than watching the kids.

10. Honestly, I can imagine that this situation makes the father wanna puke!

9. This father would have rather slept longer and in peace.

8. According to the kids’ opinion, sleeping is overrated. You should better enjoy every free time to have some fun.

7. There is no reason to stop playing videogames only because you beacme father of a newborn.

6. This father seems to have accepted the addition to the family and has discovered some advantages.

5. Well… did he forget that he doesn’t carry a backpack, but his own child on his back?

4. This father is optimistic and tries to see the advantages of being a father. Having a child can be very functional.

3. Parents do have a role model function, haven’t they? This father obviously didn’t realize it.

2. This father doesn’t seem to care about the health of his child. Otherwise he wouldn’t transport his child like that.

1. OMG! Something seems to be much more important to the dad than his own child. Unbelievable how derogatory he treats his child.