Why making your life awkward, when it can be so easy? Look at our mix of the 10 most practical tricks that can make your life a whole lot easier. No. 5 will be very helpful, when you’re a student 😉

10. How to fight a hiccup

There are many possible ways to get rid of a hiccup. Have you already heard about the trick with the cube sugar?

9. How to turn your phone into a projector

All you need to turn your phone into a projector is a show carton, a magnifier, a cutter, tape, a paperclip and black paper or black paint.

8. How to make a lighter from a bubble gum wrapper

You can easily make fire with a charged battery and bubble gum wrapper that is coated with aluminum.

7. How to cure a hangover

Sour cucumber water compensates for the lack of salt in your body and tomato- or orange juice produces the afforded potassium.

6. How to build a lava lamp

Just mix oil with water and food coloring and add a CO2 tablet in order to produce bubbles. With a torch and an empty yoghurt pot you get the lighting effect.

5. How to open a can without a can opener

When you want to open a can, all you need is a spoon. Just rub the spoon against the edge of the can until you can pierce the cover with your spoon. Afterwards you can easily open the can with leverage.

4. How to rescue your water damaged phone

When you accidentally dropped your cell phone in the water, turn it off. Possibly you are able to remove the battery cover and battery. Afterwards, dray your cell phone with a towel. Last step is to place your phone in a bowl of uncooked rice overnight. Rice will absorb the remaining moisture.

3. How to make coffee without a coffee maker

If you don’t have a coffee maker, but you want to enjoy a cup of coffee, than cover your cup with a towel, fill in the coffee powder and pour hot water over it.

2. How to cut onions without crying

There are many possible ways how to avoid tears while cutting onions. You can either give them a wash with cold water, because low temperatures reduce the acrid fumes or you can stick out the tongue so that it absorbs the fumes. However, it is said to first cut onions across, before cutting them lengthwise.

1. How to get gum out of your hair

Oil your hair or dab nail polish remover to it and then you will be able to brush out the gum. You can also use an ice cube so that the gum can be crumbled out of your hair.