Today, 26 years ago, on Nov. 09, 1989, Germany reunited again. People will never forget, when the Berlin wall fell in the night from Nov.09 to Nov.10 in 1989. We have collected for you the 10 significant songs, that have affected the people in the time of “Die Wende”.

10. Karussell – Als ich fortging

The song “Als ich fortging” is a classic of the DDR rock group Karussell with Dirk Michaelis as singer and composer. The ballad was interpreted as farewell to the GDR.

9. U2 – One

The song “One” of the Irish rock band U2 is deeply connected to “Die Wende”. The song is the 3rd single of U2’s album “Achtung Baby”, which was recorded in Berlin in GDR times.

8. Koama – Lambada

This song especially was very popular in the GDR, because it perfectly represented the new sense of life after the fall of the wall.

7. City – Am Fenster

The music group City made its breakthrough with the song “Am Fenster”. This song is considered a classic of the GDR rock music scene.

6. Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall

The song “Another Brick in the Wall” is the most well-known song of the British music group Pink Floyd. Actually the song is not about the fall of the Berlin wall, but the Pink Floyd concert at the Potsdamer Platz of 1990 was legendary.

5. Karat – Über 7 Brücken musst du gehen

Karat is one of the most successful rock band of the GDR. Their song “Über 7 Brücken musst du gehen”, which was later covered by Peter Maffay, became a perfect soundtrack of the German reunification.

4. Udo Lindenberg – Hinterm Horizont

Udo Lindenberg’s song “Horizont” is about the love between a girl from East Berlin and a boy from West Berlin. This topic affected many people in “Die Wende” times.

3. Marius Müller Westernhagen – Freiheit

The lyrics of Marius Müller-Westernhagen’s hit “Freiheit” perfectly fit to “Die Wende”. Westernhagen expressed the new sense of life of a whole generation with his song.

2. David Hasselhoff – Looking for freedom

I guess we all remember how David Hasselhoff performed his biggest hit “Looking for freedom” at the Brandburg Gate in the silverster night of 1989.

1. Scorpions – Wind of change

The ballad of the German rock band Scorpions is considered the hymn of “Die Wende”. In the biggest hit of the Scoprions Klaus Meine sings of political turning points.