These 10 toys will conjure a smile on your face, because you spent numerous hours with Polly Pocket, Slimy and other iconic things in your childhood. We have collected for you the 10 most awesome 90s toys that only cost a few dollars in the past, but nowadays are worth a lot of money.

10. Klettball Spiel

It wasn’t that special, but I think really everybody had this 90s toy.

9. Super Soaker
Oh yes! In the 90s, simple water balloons were replaced with Super Soakers. We have annoyed our neighbours a lot with these water guns, haven’t we?

8. Buschwusch Ball 

Do you remember the Koosh Ball and its overpowering smell?

7. Skip-It

This toy actually is from the 80s, but only celebrated a real boom when the 90s-versions had a meter integrated. Every child had this toy at the foot and wanted to break the record.

6. Furby
This plush toy with its pop eyes was one of the cutest and most annoying toys at the same time. When you inserted the batteries, Furby began to chat and demanded some entertainment.

5. Slimy

Yeah! Slimy really is an iconic 90s toy. We all loved it. Only the parents weren’t happy about the sticky grease spots on the walls 😉

4. Tamagotchi

You can argue whether the Tamagotchi or Furby was more annoying. The Tamagotchi was a very stressful toy, because you always had to feed it, play with it or put it into bed… otherwise it died. Really horrible!

3. Polly Pocket

It was soooo exciting to discover a whole house with tiny furnitures and figures in this little box.

2. Troll Puppe
This little guy still is so cute… even though it is actually ugly, naked, wrinkled, with big pop eyes and felt hair.

1. GameBoy

Since Nintendo made playing computer games possible to go, times have changed and children began to preferably stare on screens than to play outdoors.