You would like to renovate your flat, but ideas are still missing? Then we have a good inspiration for you. A 3d floor can achieve a new sense of well-being at home. We have collected for you the 10 greatest 3d floor designs for your home.

10. This must feel like paradise on earth. At least you will experience a holiday feeling when you wake up in a bedroom like this.

9. This 3d floor design brings the Mediterranean Sea to your home. I guess everybody would like to walk through the bathroom barefoot.

8. OMG! You have to be careful, otherwise the carpet will swallow you up.

7. Here we have a 3d floor design only for people who are free from giddiness. When you easily get sick, walking on this carpet will be very difficult.

6. You have never been to the Gran Canyon? No problem. Then it will come to you. But watch out and don’t fall from the rim.

5. OMG! Here you face a very adventurous way to the toilette. However, it looks really great! 😉

4. You love nature and want to feel this freedom also in your own four walls, then you will like this 3d floor design.

3. This 3d floor design is really great. I bet you all will first assure you that this really only is an optical illusion.

2. There’s nothing better than sitting on the beach and feeling the seawater.

1. OMG! This 3d floor design is breathtaking. It really looks like there is a canyon with alligators awaiting you.