Chubby cheeks, a heartbreaking smile and sparkling eyes – Babys are so cute that their parents take numerous pictures of them. However, sometimes the little creatures are far from beeing cute. These 10 baby photos went so wrong.

10. O.k., this baby already has a highly developed mind of his own. This headgear seems to be much too lady-like.

Babyfoto 10
9. Why are they talking insistently to me? Ah, I got it. They want me to stay still. O.k., then I guess it is best to not move at all.

Babyfoto 9
8. Lol, that must be an old baby photo of Steve Urkel. Do you remember the nerd from the series “Family Matters”?

Babyfoto 8
7. My forehead is too much in focus, because it is so big? Do the photographer and my parents think that I don’t hear what they say? That’s really mean!”

Babyfoto 7
6. Haha, this baby doesn’t show any single body tension. I guess the future is clear: The baby will turn into a couch potato.

Babyfoto 6
5. HELP! HELP! This look is really frightening, isn’t it? It is somehow reminiscent of the horror movie “Child’s Play”.

Babyfoto 5
4. Ohhh, this baby really is poring over: “WHO THE HELL IS THIS WOMAN?”

Babyfoto 4
3. Actually, very cute how easygoing this little guy here is posing for the picture. Well, but the parents seem to have taken pictures for hours now.

Babyfoto 3
2. Lol, this baby seems to be very horrified by something. How can a baby look like this?

Babyfoto 2
1. This is one of those baby photos, you hope that will never appear again and will never be seen by your teenage friends.

Babyfoto 1