During the holidays, like Christmas, when the whole family meets, people love to take family photos. In the course of time, less and less often, the whole family comes together due to jobs in different cities for example. That’s why family photos are a great idea, when the whole family meets. However, these 10 awkward family photos are anything but a great idea and will definity confuse you.

10. It’s easy to imagine a story when you take a look at this family photo.

9. Oh dear! This couple obviously regards weapons as family members.

8. This dog doesn’t want the young boy to join the family picture.

7. It could have been such a nice family photo… The whole family gathered on the bridge. Oops!

6. Ahem… I guess nobody wants to keep his dad or uncle in such clothes in memory?

5. What is this child searching for? It’s always difficult to take photos of father and son with kids in this age.

4. The very first encounter of the boy with half naked breasts. Well, the boy likes it!

3. Naked, how God created us! This family has no scruples.

2. Oh my God! Are you horrified, too? What is the father’s plan? And why are mother and daughter laughing about it?

1. Oh no! This can’t be real. Immediately after the water birth, the whole family gathers in the pool.