People have pets, because the cute animals distract us from the everyday stress and succeed in conjuring a smile on our face. Even when they commit nuisance, we sometimes can’t be angry with them, because they are so cute at the same time. We have collected for you snapshots of the 10 cutest cats that play hide and seek.

10. This cat seems to be very cheeky. In conclusion of her leg jutting out behind this sofa, she didn’t choose this place for a peaceful nap.

9. This nearly looks comfortable. Paper bags seem to be a good alternative to an expensive cat bed.

8. What do you think? Did this cat commit nuisance and therefore chose the paper as hiding place? Or did the owners make fun of her?

7. Haha, I guess every cat owner has at least one photo like this one. Cats love to crawl beneath blankets.

6. It’s so cute! Can anybody please tell her that you can still see her ears?

5. The vase really suits her! Nice hiding place. But how will she manage to come out of the vase again without knocking it over?

4. Haha, how cute is this?! Is she upset and therefore sulking behind the curtain?

3. I can’t imagine that it is comfortable sitting in this plastic bag. In a few minutes the cat will realize this hiding place doesn’t have enough air to breathe.

2. Lol! Isn’t it a great picture? Even when the cat probably has broken the paper bag, you can’t be angry with her.

1. Haha. Sometimes cats follow us wherever we go. That’s why it is possible to find your cat in your boxer shorts.