Christmas is one of the most exciting events for children. They are looking forward to that special celebration the whole year round. When they are lucky, parents organize a meeting with Santa Claus. Well, if it is really an amicable meeting depends on the guy in the Santa Claus costume. We have collected for you the 10 creepiest Santas who you better not hire for Christmas Day.

10. OMG! I guess he had too many drinks. His eyes are really creepy.

9. We recommend the mother to immediately bring her child to safety. This Santa is going to fall over.

8. Holy moly! Did he flee from the hospital? Why is his face wrapped up in cotton wool like this? However, the boy doesn’t seem to be scared of Santa Claus.

7. Do they secretly fight over the present? It looks as if Santa doesn’t want to give this present up.

6. Oh! The little boy is on his way to flee… whereas the other still tries to make a friendly face. I guess the kids always have imagined another Santa Claus.

5. Haha! This picture really looks like a mugshot of Santa!

4. Do we see the shooting of a Christmas horror movie? This weird mask makes no sense at all.

3. OMG! Hopefully the child won’t get nightmares of Santa Claus. What a creepy look! Horrible!

2. Haha, this woman has Santa under control. Hopefully she releases him in time so that Santa can deliver the presents.

1. This Santa Claus dress definitely failed! I can’t believe that the boy still is happily laughing.