Celebrations always are a big joy. On the one hand it is great, because of the happy event and on the other hand it is big fun to make somebody a present. Even with an extraordinary cake you can give great pleasure. We have collected for you the 10 craziest cakes that will make a lasting impression on you.

10. When you are invited to a baby shower and you would like to bring a cake, than we have a good inspiration for you!

9. Wow! That’s a cake with style. “Starry night”, the most popular painting of the Dutch painter van Gogh, as subject for a cake. Well done!

8. This is the most disgusting cake that I’ve seen in my whole life. Who does voluntarily want to eat a cockroach?!

7. Haha, I don’t know if dog owners are pleased with this cake. Well, however, very creative!

6. How cool is that?! A cake, which looks like a doner kebab. I guess you have never seen this before.

5. Yeah! Every child will be in for a surprise, when they see this cake. I guess they won’t believe that it’s not really made of Lego bricks.

4. I guess you have to look twice to get that it trully is a cake. With a big love for detail, the baker has made a ticking bomb of this cake.

3. Every computer nerd will go crazy, when he sees this cake. Minecraft, Hooray!

2. Someone made this cake for an employee in a clothes shop. It’s great, isn’t it?

1. This cake is really impressive, because so many details are integrated. This lucky one, who gets this cake as present will know who’s addressed.