The cold season starts and we are in a bad mood now. But some people are more prone to this as the other people in Berlin.

10. The first snow falls and the company Deutsche Bahn is totally overextended!

(Translation: It is really #Winter, if the train fails. #bvg #weilwirdichlieben #snow #berlin

9. But if they manage everything we are so surprised, that we think the BER airport will open soon.

(Translation: – 8 degrees and the train drives. I think next week we will open the BER. #ditisberlin)

8. The young creative people find new possibilities to come to work.

(Translation: 7 centimeter #snow in #Berlin. Where are the hipster, who use the ski to come the startup?)

7. Berlin is the city with really ruthless biker. But thanks weather – they can´t use the bike!

(Translation: At the weather you should have no fear to overruns and to offends by cyclist. #snow #Berlin)

6. The cars are a good canvas for nice pictures.

(Translation: Finally I can draw poo on my bonnet. #ditisberlin)

5. The first snow falls and every newspaper talks about a big meteorological disturbance. So absurd!

(Translation: Tow centimeter snow and every one speaks about a meteorological disturbance)

4. All party people from the Berghain are confused. Snow exists in the Club and in the outside!

(Translation: In #Berlin you have to say, that #snow is in the outside and in the Berghain 🙂 )

3. It dosen´t matter how cold it is. Everyone wears a short pants.

(Translation: It doesn´t matter how cold it is, anyone in Berlin wears short pants #why)

2. The people in Berlin don´t like the cold weather. Because of this they love to wear the biggest jacket they can find in the wardrobe.

(Translation: How is #Berlin? There are only 0,5 millimeter of snow, 4 Degrees, but the people wear polar-excursion-jackets for 1000 Euros.)

  1. But the snow has also some good moments – it looks very beautiful with the lights of the bars!

(Translation: In #Berlin we don´t clear the snow away, we put colorful lights on it.)