Every person, who live in Berlin, know this one: the tourist. The Berliner are happy, that you visit the city, but sometimes they are really annoyed about them.

10. Don´t call the Fernsehturm „Telespargel“. No one will do this!

9. Please the the people leave the trains first and then go into it.

8. And never talk to the people next to you in the train. It is ok if you have a question but please no small talk.

7. Don´t buy these ugly souvenirs! They are expensive but useless.

6. You will see every detail in Berlin and we understand this. But this is not a reason to walk so slowly all the time!

5. We talk about the slowly walking in the street. Another advice to you: use not the middle to stand at the escalator.

4. Das Holocaust Memorial is a place to tribute. So please don´t do such stupid pics there!

3. In Berlin lade very different people. It is ok to watch them for awhile, but don´t stare.

2. Don´t feed the pigeons! No one love them.

  1. You know that it is wrong to walk at the red light. But some people doesn´t matter. Please do not say anything!