If you´re 25, the you have to mange your live in the right way. You have to organize your money, have an opinion about different topics and you didn´t celebrate every party anymore.

10. You shouldn’t eat so much fast food and pasta with ketchup. You have to learn to cook three meals and your food is not a blame anymore.

9. We talk about healthy food. But healthy food is not the only thing, which you can do for your body. Now with 25 it is necessary to visit a doctor regularly.

8. With 25 it is really realistic, that you have a strong partnership. And maybe you will live with your partner – so you habe to learn to manage compromises.

7. In the middle of the twenties you finished your education. Now you can´t say, that you haven´t an idea of your job. This is your chance – find a good job with a great salary and that you really like.

6. If we talk about money, it is really important to say, that you have manage your salary in a right way. Don´t waste everything until the 15th of the month!

5. It´s only Tuesday and you planed your whole weekend. You live not for the moment anymore and calculate every hangover with the after-effects.

4. And in this age you really start to love Brunch. It is the perfect meal to sleep long enough and have great food after a long party night.

3. It is cool to talk about political topics. You´re not a nerd, if you know a lot of things about it and to have an opinion.

2. The future of the world is not only a film for you anymore. You engage yourself in an organization or help homeless people. It doesn´t matter if you spend time or money.

  1. Childeren! They are not longer the noisy, dirty things, which you really hate. Suddenly you think about the possibility to have your own child, because they are so cute!