If you were young in the 2000s than you have so big problems. The problems aren´t only your parents. The real big problems are the technical things.

10. If you looking for a couple of hours to find a cool user name, but after then you realise that another person has this.

9. Your hair color is completely wrong after the new hair tint.

8. It was the hell! You have to choose which message you have to delete because of the low memory cell.

7. You forgot to bring all video tapes back to the library. Say goodbye to your pocket money.

6. Oh no! You have to go back at home because you won´t pay this one Dollar.

5. All your friends have to be quit, when your song is in the radio and you will record this.

4. Your parents are totally freaks out, when you called your crush with the fixed network to the mobile phone.

3. Suddenly you only see the blue screen. But you have no idea why.

2. But then you realize that you have a computer virus because of the downloads at LimeWire.

  1. You got a heart attack, if you have no credit anymore for your mobile phone.