In the 90s were boy bands a really big thing. And with the boy bands came the crazy fangirls. Every girl has her own crush und she knows everything about him. She did everything for him and the boy band.

10. Everyone of your friends know your passion because of your room. You have so much poster on your room wall. It doesn´t matter if the poster exist a couple of times, because it shows your band.

9. If your band came in your city, you toll freaks out. But when the day came, you was the first in the row and run so fast to be the first in the front of the stag

8. The concert finished and you did everything to see your boys backstage. But you failed with your powers of persuasion.

7. Your so happy, because you had 2 seconds eye-contact with your crush of the band.

6. If anyone said, that the concert was not so good – you hate them.

5. If there was a possibility that you come to backstage passes, you’ve done everything. On the final photo of course nobody can see that you have sold your soul and contact details for this.

4. And when you had to say goodbye, suddenly all the brain cells have vacation and you see only one way to take your last chance, that they will never forget you.

3. You’ve been crying for a couple of days, when you found out that your favorite band will stop their career. When the day came, you’re falling into a deep depressive phase.

2. When you meet someone who was also a Fangirl, you find your new best friend.

  1. And if you listen to an old song on the radio again, then all the memories come up and you dance.