This little animal has such big eyes. With this eyes they look really cute, but also really funny!

10. You look like the Tarsier, if you get a big birthday cake.

9. And so, when a friend refuse a piece of the cake.

8. You have checked your bank account and realize, that the month have 20 days until the end.


7. So you are totally happy, if some invites you for a dinner.

6. If you are in a club and see your crush. Suddenly your eyes are wide open.

5. But your eyes are really small, if your crush won´t talk with you!

4. It is sunday und you have headache because of the last party night. So you really look like this.

3. So you turn around and sleep again for awhile.

2. If you listen to your favorite song in the radio, which is really old and you forget.

  1. And you look definitely like this Tarsier, if you can go home after al really long day.