Each vegetarian knows it – prejudice against the new diet. Although you only want to do something for the environment and animals, you have to listen to all comments about your new lifestyle. Why?!

10. You started to be a vegetarian since a couple of weeks and you dien´t lose weight as everybody expected. And all your friends have their own argumentation for this.

9. But the only true reason ist, that you love cheese more and more. Especially on your Pizza Margarita!

8. You have so much respect for the veganer. How can they live without cheese?!

7. Fish is also an animal for you, but your family can´t understand it.

6. You hate everyone, who tell you, how good bacon taste.

5. But the problem ist, that you forgot how any kind of meat taste, because you eaten the last piece in your youth.

4. Everybody knows how bad is tofu, but they don´t know how they have to prepare it.

3. If you cook vegetarian food everyone is so critical, but nothing left for the next day.

2. You are totally happy about every vegetarian restaurant in your neighborhood.

  1. But it is so unfair if you have to share the bill with meat eater, because this food is more expensive.