It doesn´t matter if you love black because of the fashion, the typical style in your music crowd or it is only your lifestyle. You have always to fight against prejudice and other problems.

10. You love to wear black and it really looks good at you. But the most people have the good advice that you can wear another colo

9. These people dien´t see the advantage! You can spill and no one can see it.

8. You have no problems with your laundry because there is only one color.

7. It takes a couple of hours to find your favourite piece.

6. You are really in panic, if you are invite for a party and you have to wear a colorful piece.

5. Some people think you have a sad personality. That´s totally wrong!

4. Especially when they think, that you visit cemeteries in your free time.

3. Your pet is amazing, but your black clothes hate ist!

2. Suddenly everything is black in your life – the clothes, the daily items and your furniture.

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  1. But the best thing is, that your clothes match perfect together.