We all have to admit that there are many products which nobody really needs. Some of them simply serve as dutch catcher and do not convince us of a useful utility. Other products instead surprise us with their special cleverness. We have collected for you 10 practical inventions you didn’t know existed, but you would love to own.

10. Isn’t it a practical invention? A desk with an integrated bike so that the children do not get that bored. This invention even is practical for adults. If it was possible to do some sports during the time at the office, you would not need to go to the gym after work.

9. Everybody who never knows at which side the filler cap is, will love this petrol station. Great idea to let the pumps hang from the roof!

8. This tab, which lefts the Pringles up is a great invention. Without this tab, you have to put your whole arm into this tube.

7. Skaters will love this invention, because they do not need to bring their skateboards to the classroom anymore. It’s the same with people and their bikes. Equality for everybody!

6. This sticker is a big help to find out if this fruit already is ripe and tasty.

5. Because one part of the mirror is heated, you can use it immediately after having taken a hot shower.

4. Probably a few of you have already seen this electronic device in a restaurant. Instead of watching out for the waiter in order to ask for the bill, you only need to push the button.

3. Motorcycling is very dangerous, because the biker is not protected very well. That’s why this jacket is a great idea. When the biker uses the brakes, the other traffic participants immediately are warned by the LEDs that flash.

2. Everybody loves to save time and when an invention even gets you to eat more healty fruits, than this banana slider is a great invention.

1. Have you ever seen a chair like this? Here you can easily hook in your bag and do not need to put it on the dirty floor.