Everyone has some special facial expressions. But it is really funny that the most people have the same. It doesn´t matter if you carry heavy bags with food, open the oven or buy some disgusting food.

10. You look like this, if you try something new in the supermarket and it taste really bad.

9. This is your face, if you get an weird answer by Whatsapp because of your stupid auto-correct.

8. Your Ex wrote you a message at midnight and tells you, that he is missing you.

7. You got your salary before the weekend!

6. A workmate told about his amazing weekend. You worked at this weekend and this was really hard to pass.

5. If you are in a bad conversation and there is no possibility to leave.

4. Your whole family leave the house and you can do what you want.

3. This is your face, if you by to much in the supermarket and have to carry everything alone.

2. You wanna show some pictures with your phone. But suddenly you show to much – especially your weird selfie.

  1. You saw old classmates, but you are not in the mood to talk with them.