Everyone knows the embarrassing situation, if someone wear the same clothes like you and stands in front of you. But you have only one possibility: smile and laugh. Because the other person is also in this bad situation.

10. This lovely anchorwoman wears the same clothes like Angela Merkel in the background.

9. It seems so as you have to wear striped shirts in this bus.

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8. Everybody knows those couples, which love to wear the same. Sometimes it looks really good, but not always!

7. After al long day you wear the same clothes and have the same sleeping position.

6. In this company you have to wear the same clothes and the same hair style.

5. If they get something for free at McDonald´s?

4. If people put their style to their animals it could be really funny.

3. But sometimes the person wear the same style like the pet.

2. Maybe this jacket has in discount this week?

  1. It is no select, that parents love it if their twins wear the same clothes. But why the twins do this in an older age again?!

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