In the cold season you have to be very careful with your body and health. The change between cold temperatures outside and heated rooms are very hard to handle for your body. But with simple tricks you can help yourself and your body!

9. That your body has the possibility to relax, it is important that you sleep enough. Maybe you can sleep better, if you will use a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow!


8. We are talking about good sleep. Try to go earlier in the bed and don´t watching TV the whole night. So your have faster a recovery phase.

7. Don´t drink so much soft drinks. Maybe you can try different teas. Tea is so much better and warms you from the inside.

6. Move your body! It is not necessary to be a super athletes, but maybe you can try to use the stairs instead of the elevator.

5. Take your time to eat. Don´t devour your food and don´t eat Fast Food. It would be better, if you will cook your own meal.

4. Sometimes the days are really stressful and you need a quick lunch. A smoothie can be a good alternative choice. This drink is really healthy and has enough vitamins for you.

3. If you have a stressful day, you need breaks to relax. You can try meditating or have a nice walk trough the park.

2. Another point of relaxation: today everyone works on a computer. So your eyes need also recovery phases. So after 20 minutes you have to look for 20 seconds in the distance. This is really helpful.

  1. Renounce alcohol! It is not to all forbidden, but alcohol will stress your body and it requires a lot of energy. Maybe it can be enough for you to drink only one glass and not the whole bottle of wine.