The small rodents are so cute! And they can do really extraordinary things, which will surprise you. After this pictures you really need one!

10. This little guy has the skills to write something. And his message to you is super cute!

9. You need to relax? Then you have to do something for yourself and the guinea pig. A good deal for both!

8. Only in a few days it is Valentine´s Day an you are afraid that no one has a present for you. Here is someone who has some flowers.

7. You have to go to the hairdresser, but have no idea about a haircut? What do you think about a great side parting like this?

Ein von Leeloo (@leel0o) gepostetes Foto am

6. Here  is someone ready for the party in the evening! You also?

5. But you can also stay at home together and drink one,two or three beers. But do not forget - one of you have to work tomorrow!

4. You always do a lot of pictures of your cute guinea pig. Maybe you exchanged the roles awhile?

3. Your New Year's resolutions for this year are to lose a few pounds. With this support it can´t be a problem!

2. And after your sport lesson you can relax together in one bed.

  1. But the most important thing is, that you both have a good life together.