We all love dogs and they love us. But the most of them know us better as we think!

10. He really knows, that you haven´t a shower today, but he dosen´t care!


9. The dog knows all your websites, that you visit, but he is fine with it!

8. You are the role model in fashion for this dog. He needs a little more practice!

7. The little thing knows that you lie. Don´t do this anymore!

6. He really knows, that you only make a picture with him, because you will have more success at your dating-apps.

5. The dog knows, that you cancel the date with your friends because you are to lazy today.

4. The dog realize that you fart. But he is fine with it, because he do the same.

3. He knows where are the snackies!

2. This girl knows that you eat an steak without her!

  1. You talk about things and have no good ideas of the topic. He knows it!