Everybody knows it: the parents always make photos of their little child. But sometimes they did really bad ones, which you will always hate.

10. This little girl has a little brother now. But she does not seem to so happy as their parents.

9. This girl gets nothing to eat at home. Poor thing! She has to eat flowers.

8. If you get your parents on their nerves and they have a revenge to you.

7. Your parents have told you something about a beautiful day at the beach, but then you were constantly buried.

6. This boy was probably forgotten in the backseat. Otherwise i hope the parents would not do this.

5. If your parents do not want to get wet and you have to get as a shield.

4. If you hurt yourself while playing and there is no one who cares about it.

3. And even worse, if you’ll simply forget.

2. If your dad could not wear perfect pants and you sit behind him on the bike.

  1. But the worst was when your parents just did not have time and were looking for quick options.