Mostly it’s due to the time pressure nowadays, that we got more hectic and impatient. We try to avoid tasks that require diligence as effectively as possible. However, we love to admire the works diligent people created. We have collected for you 10 awesome pieces of art, that impatient people would never manage to create.

10. A city made of staples! Isn’t it awesome? Who’d have thought that you can do something like this with staples?!

9. The boss will be very proud of his secretary. The topics are sorted by colors so that he will have the several papers to hand fast at a meeting for example.

8. The fruits section of a supermarket always looks great, because of the many different colors. But, how the employee placed the plums really is remarkable. This definitely is a task requiring great diligence.

7. You see that many employees enjoy their job. The clothes hangers beautifully are sorted by their colors.

6. I’m sure the boss speaks in high terms of this technician. It’s great how tidy he laid the cables. When I look behind my TV at home, I come upon a terrible cable clutter.

5. The employee that arranged the Gatorade bottles in this way seems to be a very diligent employee. Horizontal as well as vertical the different colors (flavors) alternate.

4. Oh! This looks so beautiful! I bet the one in the video also is a “Pick-up sticks” professional.

3. Have you ever seen a parking area like this? The man of the parking service is a great artist. Beautiful, how the cars are sorted by color.

2. One or two sometimes joke around that they only eat red or blue M&Ms. They would be amazed at this picture. Someone really applied a lot of effort sorting a vast number of M&Ms by color.

1. Wow! I’m really jealous of the many time some people seem to have. Isn’t it great how the cookies are stacked in this glass? I would neither have time nor the patience for it. However, it looks beautiful!