Who doesn’t dream of winning a lottery? Spending money definitely makes fun. But isn’t your money too good for spending it on products like for example amazon article no. 7, even though you have more than enough money? Really weird that people sell and buy articles like these.

10. “Nothing”

Hm, neither spending money on “nothing” nor receiving “nothing” as present makes fun.

Amazon Artikel

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Amazon Artikel

9. Unicorn Meat

O.k., this is really weird. First of all, there are no unicorns. Second, if those wonderful creatures exist how can you eat them?

Einhorn Fleisch

8. Pocket-knife

LOL, this pocket-knife is a bit exaggerated, isn’t it? At least, MacGyver was very successfull with a smaller one.


7. Property on the moon

Hm, better spending money on a property on the moon than on “nothing” 😉


6. Weener Cleaner

Um, well…. this is one for the men, I guess. Keep your willys clean, guys 😀


5. Nose-Soap-Dispenser

LOL, this is a pretty cool soap dispenser. I can imagine this in my bathromm at home.

nasen gel spender

4. Lynx Suborbital-Ride to the Mojave Desert

O.k., you have to be someone like Dagobert Duck to afford something like this.

Lynx Suborbital Flug

3. Water-soluble bikini

Hehe, this definitely is a funny gag. Well, but I guess, the lady, who receives this bikini as present won’t be that amused.

wasserlöslicher bikini

2. Smashing cars

That’s pretty cool for stress relief… hehe!

auto zertrümmern

1. Latex amniotic-sac

LOL… please, how freaky is this fetish?!

latex fruchtblase