It’s a basic requirement to post many and cool photos in order to appeal to your friends in the social networks and to get many likes. There is no tedious photoshop editing necessary to get impressive photos.With these 10 photos we want to show you how you can cause surprise with simply cropped photos.

10. It’s so easy to lead your friends to believe that you’re relaxing at the pool right now.

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9. You want to totally horrify your friends? Well, sometimes it’s so easy.

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8. There’s nothing like a sexy photo of your cleavage. Ha, wait! This is a baby bum in reality?

Baby Po mit BH

7. Well, if you don’t have little baby legs in order to fake a sexy photo of your cleavage, then take your own.

Mädchen mit angezogenen Beinen

6. Why taking a photo of your real butt, when it can be so easy?

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5. Oh my god. This photo can be really shocking, if you are a little pervert like our top10monkey 😀

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4. Is this your cute internet date with the sexy body mass index?

Profil Foto

3. The fog of San Francisco lets the Sutro Tower appear as a big sailing ship.

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2. This is an extreme example how easy journalists can manipulate people by simple photo cropping.

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1. Ha! If you only look at the shadow you assume another situation.

Paar erzeugt lustigen Schatten