You’ve invited friends and you want to have one over the eight? With these fantastic items you’ll definitely impress your buddies. Well, you all want a binge drinking with style, don’t you?

10. This bottle opener formed as a ring is a must-have, because it simply is functional.  Even when you’re on the go you’re able to spontaneously open a bootle.

Flaschenöffner Ring

9. Here we have another item from the category “functional”. You can fix this bottle holder easily onto your belt. This is especially great when you jaunt.


8. LOL! This corkscrew definitely is an eye-catcher and ensures big laughs.

Korkenzieher in Gestalt eines leicht bekleideten Mannes

7. Wooohooo… your friends will be jealous of your sexy beer glass. By the way, it’s also a great idea as gift.

Bierglas mit Frauensilhouette

6. This beer barrel is a dream come true for all men. Beer inside and women on it… what more could one want?

Penthouse Bierfass

5. This beer set really is a great gift. Your friends will be in for a surprise when they see the different beer types coming from all over the world.

Bierset im Holz-Geschenkkarton

4. WOW! I’m sure your booze will be much more fun with this bottle and these glasses. They’re formed as a skull… how cool is this?!

Flasche und Gläser in Totenkopf-Form

3. These beer mats definitely are a funny gag for a party. How drunk are you? Do you find the alcohol?

Bierdeckel mit Quiz

2. Have you ever seen ice cubes like this? These glowing ice cubes are a great eyecatcher. 

LED Eiswürfel

1. This really is a must-have when you want to impress your friends. With this bottle holder and dispenser you’ll look like a professional bartender.

Flaschenhalter & Dosierer