There’s hardly anything more funny than watching images of bears acting like humans. The animals often are simply considered as dangerous animals, because they are so big, but sometimes they are really cute and show their sociality. We have collected for you a mix of 10 photos and videos of the funniest bears acting like humans.

10. “Another beer, please!” This bear obviously is waiting for his friends.

9. Bears like to spend time on playgrounds, too. Well, the main point is that they come back home just in time.

8. Haha, this bear is practicing his dance moves for the show at the weekend.

7. This bear loves carnival and always wanted to be part of the dance parade.

6. Um… is this a human being dressed up as a bear or is this a bear that really looks like a human being? I’m not sure.

5. This bear really feels the music and is a highly gifted trumpeter 😉

4. Ahem… well, when it itches, it itches! That’s the simplest treatment for itching.

3. Yeah! Concerning this, we are all the same. When we see water and a surfboard, we have to play our luck.

2. Well, bears love the leisure time, too. It’s great to relax in the sun on the terrace.

1. These bears are very polite and receive the guests with cheers. Haha, it’s sooo cute how they are waving their hands.