For Googles Chrome Browser, there are loads of differrent extension to add new functionalities to your browser. Some are helpful other are plain silly. We collected the 10 most entertaining Chrome extensions to lighten up your internet.

10. DO IT!

This motivational speech by Shia LaBoeouf gets you going! Let him motivate you whenever you feel down or lethargic. Install the App and get motivated, whenever you need it

Install DO IT!

9. Hova State

Surf the internet like JAY-Z with this Hova State extension!

Install Hova State

8. Facebook GIF Button

This extension adds a GIF-Button to your Facebook-Chat. Now you can send epic GIFs to all your friends! Let the fun beginn!

Install FB GIF Button

7. Tab Cola

Every time you open a nwe tab, you here the sound of a can opening. Refreshing!

Install Tab Cola


With you will see a beautiful picture of our magnificent earth in every new tab you open. Stunning!


5. Animated Tabs

Pictures of earth are to boring for you? How about some GIFs?


Install Animated Tabs


The Googlifier adds Google-Eyes to pretty much anything online. Disturbingly fun!

Install Googlifier

3. Cloud-to-butt

This extension changes „the cloud“ to „my butt“ and „cloud“ to „butt“. What you will read with this extension is usually very entertaining. Especially, once you forget about it 😉

Install Cloud-to-butt

2. Celeb Replacer

Cloud-to-butt is to boring for you? Give Celeb Replacer a go. This extension changes the names of well known Celebrities to different ones. Very entertaining, as you can see in the picture bellow.

Install Celeb Replacer

1. Wurstify

The best extension of this list is Wurstify. Inspired by Conchita Wurst, this App adds a beard to every face it can locate. The effect is quite supprising and you will soon find yourself asking, whether the beard you see is real or not.

Install Wurstify