Metropolitans can’t imagine to live a rural life. Slow tractors, pungent odour in the air and far and wide there’s simply NOTHING. However, this “nothing” makes a life in the village worth living. We have collected 10 characteristic moments that you only know, when you grew up in a village.

10. You push down cows, because a) you’re drunk, b) you want to impress the ladies or c) because get ingenious when you’re living far away from Internet- & mobile reception.

Kuh auf der Weide

9. You plan your evening by the smell of slurry instead of a weather forecast app. If the farmers fertilize their fields, it certainly will rain in the evening.

Traktor auf dem Feld

8. You invite your date to the haymow, because you think the pricking hay is romantic.


7. You sit in a car and feel quite relaxed even though thousands of sheeps block the street.

Schafe auf der Straße

6. You leave the party first, because no bus will give you a ride at a late hour.

Alte Haltestelle

5. Despite fear you cross the cemetary, because your way back then only is 7 km instead of 9 km long.


4. With the best of luck you have mobile reception in the house when you open the windows.

Geöffnetes Fenster

3. You mean “Fanta Schnapps” when you say “Cocktial”.

Ein von @fantakorn gepostetes Foto am

2. Your disco highlight is the village party with all your family members from three generations.

1. Instead of piercings, you use cherry earrings and maple noses.