Of course, nobody’s perfect. Sometimes people fudge the things, because of the lack of time or money. However, the construction of these 10 examples doesn’t make any sense at all. We have collected for you the 10 weirdest architecture fails that will make you speechless.

10. Do they consciously want to annoy us? Sure, the toilet has a door, but it doesn’t wake sense in this way. I guess, nobody will use this toilet.

9. Adhere to the traffic regulations and don’t jump a red ligt. These basic principles are necessary to prevent dangerous accidents. But what, when the traffic lights are placed like that?

8. This restaurant obviously wanted to be disability-friendly. That’s why they built this ramp. However, due to this steep incline, only the Jackass freaks will dare to use it with a wheelchair.

7. Escalators are great, because they transport you from A to B very fast. However, it’s plain stupid that this escalator ends in front of a wall. How do you get back?

6. Well, sometimes size does matter 😉 This water faucet is much too small to serve the purpose.

5. The one, who dares to switch on the fan is very brave. Nevertheless it’s still a cooling when the walls collapse and you suddenly sit outdoors.

4. The kids’ eyes will glow, but they won’t be able to use this playground toy. The one, who placed it like this, can’t be child-friendly.

3. Do we have to understand the placement of this ATM? Nobody will be able to draw money. This ATM doesn’t make sense.

2. The construction workers wanted to do it better than in picture 3 (above), but again it went wrong. What a fail!

1. There’s nothing better than a light-flooded room. Well, you can do without special windows like that. This really is a weird architecture fail.