Dogs are the best friends of us human beings, but isn’t it absurde? They are hairy, stinky and destroy everything which is not save enough. They even drive you out on the cold and wet streets in winter times only because these egoistic beasts want to have some fresh air. BUT: If you watch these little cute puppies in a basket moving like they do not care and sleeping packed over each other, you fall in love with these creatures and you cannot help wanting to cuddle them and never let them go. We tried to figured out who are the 10 cutest puppies of the world and I think we did a very good job. Or do you know any cuter animal?

10. Chilling out on papas hand … that’s life as it should be, when you are a baby boy.
welpe in hand

9. Oops, 2 puppies. Well … aren’t the cute? SO CUTE???

8. Good morning, sunshine!
schlafender welpe

7. You can’t help love this little wet “poodle”. These eyes, this look … Come hither and let me care for you, little rascal!
nasser welpe

6. What do we want for dinner today? Something sweet! Yorkshire-Terrier Baby in a tin.
yorkshire terrier welpe

5. Did anyone say Rottweilers always look so dangerous?
rottweiler welp

4. Chow Chow puppy with a little hangover ­čśë
chow chow welpe

3. Little legs, floppy ears and hanging tongue … the prototype of a cute being!

2. That is fake, isn’t it?

1. So tiny, so sweet, so AAAWWWWW …. Give it to me, I want to take it in my hand, too!
Maltese-Shihtzu puppies