10. Despite of heavily carrying the big monitors, the joy to meet like-minded people was big.

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9. Because the technical devices weren’t developed for mobile use, the nerds had to take remedial action and at a pinch used a garden table to build up their equipment.

Lu kang and windows ME

8. The parents, of course especially the mothers, worried about their sons, who spent the whole day in front of the computer. Admonitons like “Son, the weather is nice, why don’t you go outside? You can’t play computer games the whole day.” Of yourse, the nerd didn’t want to hear something like that. Playing outside at the fresh air was no option.


7. Snacks and Fast Food became the staple food in the life of the computer nerd. Healthy meals kept them away too long from their “gaming”.

i live on chips

6. Now you can imagine that those LAN parties of the 90s caused heavy headaches. Little space, many technical devices and hardly any oxygen. But wait, why the hell should a computer nerd need fresh air???

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5. Yep, this was the safe haven, the computer freaks of the 90s were looking for: the basement! It was a perfect dark light for the computer bad graphics in the past.

The LAN Party

4. Here you see that we consciously used LAN and not WLAN in this post. There was no wireless in the 90s. So, that in the picture chaos wasn’t the nerds’ fault.

Art & tattoo by Nikko Hurtado Owner of Black Anchor in Hesperia Ca.

3. Ha! This outfit is representative for the 90s computer nerd. Well, when you spent the whole day in front of the computer, it is not important what you are wearing. Sometimes, the nerd even was glad that his mother gave him fresh clothes.

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2. In contrast to many today’s youths, the computer nerds of the 90s really understood the technique of a computer and was easily able to install faster drives.

Arbeitsplatz mit vielen Computern


1. O.k., perhaps now we are exaggerating a bit, when we present this as the characteristic desk of a computer nerd. But, most nerds don’t keep their room clean.

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