Modern art doesn’t only look good on walls, but also on floors. We have collected for you the craziest 3D floors that will mess with your mind. You won’t believe your eyes. 

10. Away from the daily routine! The aim of the artist with this picture obviously was to attract attention.

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9. This is the proof that floors should be decorated by 3D art more often. These kids are definitely in favor of it.

8. This 3D painting really is a fabulous 3D painting. For a moment you really believe in the character of Batman and Robin.

7. You don’t need to go to the zoo to see wolves. Because of this 3D art you can even pet a wolf in the city.

6. Why doesn’t anybody visit the “Underground Fashion Street”? Just use the stairs!


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5. Woooohooo! This street became a water fun area. But be careful, it goes downhill.

4. This 3D floor has a huge effect. The chasm below the wooden bridge looks very real.

3. Wow! What an artwork. It will be a big challenge to for the driver to get to his car.

2. What?! Am I dreaming? A bear family in the heart of the city?

1. OMG! Would you have the courage to enter this elevator? Who knows if this really is a 3D painting or if you fall in the hoistway?