Everyone knows it, the sun is shining and you’re enjoying your free time outside. Of course you forget to use a sun blocker. Well, indeed it is so not cool to search for the suncream every 30 minutes. But it is even more embarrassing to get red like a lobster at the end of the day. Ouch! But it’s your fault taking a selfie of it. Here you see ten freaks, that show their sunburn. No. 5 even hurts while looking at it.

1. What a beautiful sunhine face! I bet, the sun worshiper glows in the dark.

sonnenbrand im gesicht Imgur

2. All right, while having lunch in the sun, you’d better not wear hot pants. 😀

No te quedes dormido en la playa! Bronceados perfectos en sólo 15 minutos. #TANNERSSMERIDA #TANFAIL Ein von Tanners Merida (@tannersmerida) gepostetes Foto am

3. Does this sun worshiper try to set a new trend? It really looks fancy, doesn’t it? A ringed sunburn… probably soon in Milan, New York and Paris as well.

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4. Why is this woman wearing two bras? Wait, she is not wearing a white and black bra? 😀

  #tbt to the worst sunburn I’ve ever had   Ein von megkeav (@megkeav) gepostetes Foto am

5. OMG… that really hurts while just looking at it. Outch! Next picture, please. Fast… I don’t want that burn blister to burst. sonnenbrand eiterblase Imgur  

6. This picture doesn’t look soooo bad at first sight, but from the fingers up to the arm the sunburn gets worse. I bet, you can fry an egg on her arm.

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7. Oi! That really seems to be the well-known Englishman-Phenomenon. Taking a vacation on Majorca and wearing a muscleshirt, but forgetting to use a sunblocker.

Sunburn Art – 1st attempt…How did I do?

8. Here she is, our “lady in red”. Some people look good in everything they wear. The sunburn really suits her. frau mit sonnenbrand Imgur

9. What a typical selfie-nerd presenting his sunburn. Allegedly he was drunk and didn’t notice his sunburn. Cheers! betrunkener junge sonnenbrand Imgur

10. “Let me think, what shall I wear today? The brown or the white shirt?” Well, it goes fast to change -just pull it off!

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