For a long time the selfie phenomenon brings us joy now. However, even more fun is when selfies go wrong and show things that weren’t intended to be shared online. We collected the ten worst selfie fails for you. Many thanks to the digital era for that funny content!

10. Everybody of course wants to look amazing in selfies and dresses up nice like the girl in the picture… BUT… it’s equally important to check the background before doing a selfie. The room is a terrible mess, here and the woman in the background…???

9. Oh dear! We’ve to be strong now and brave it out together. Some women try hard to be sexy in their selfies. But… if this woman really intended to expose her whole body?

8. Yeah! Here we have a selfie of a girl with a really cool and easy-going style. But which website is she visiting? I guess she doesn’t know that here sunglasses are revealing details.

7. LOL… it could have been a very sexy group selfie, but sometimes people are in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

6. Upon first sight I guess your inner cinema starts 😉 What a pity that you are rudely awakened when you look at the right part of the picture.

5. This selfie seems to be inconspicuous upon first sight. A girl dressed up and took a selfie. I bet the dildo wasn’t inteded to be seen in the picture. But the young woman probably didn’t see it, because the camera blocks her view.

4. This man obviously was that self-opinionated in this moment that he IMMEDIATELY had to take a selfie. In the background someone is taking a piss… So what?!

3. LOL! … when the owner of the dogs knew what his four-legged friends are doing there!

2. OMG! What is happening there in the background? Ugh! We don’t want to see that.

1. Oh my! This is absolutely the worst selfie fail! How can she take a selfie with a coffin in the background? Horrible!