Of course you can’t generalize that all gamers are crazy freaks, but sometimes gamers indeed give vent to their bizarre ideas in simulation games like The Sims. We have collected for you the 10 weirdest “The Sims” moments.

10. Obviously the booze was too heavy. Here we learn that even characters of computer games have hangovers.

9. OMG! What the hell’s going on? In the world of video games everything is possible.

8. LOL! This lady meant it well and tries to get rid off her extra pounds, but she will hate doing sports after that accident.

7. This crazy guy has confused the aquarium with the baby’s bed, but seems to be amused by the kicking of the baby.

6. It is really creepy what happens when the man is struck by lightening. Reminds me of the great science fictions series “Misfits”.

5. Dear neighborhood friends, look out! Michael Myers, the killer with the mask, lives in your street.

4. People dispose of dead bodies as emotionless as that in The Sims? Well, I’m glad that this virtual world is not reality.

3. The closer we get to no.1, the more terrifying the moments get. This woman grills the baby. Unbelievable!

2. “Babycue” part II! The grilled baby is served. OMG! What’s going round in your head?

1. This scene really is disgusting and anything but funny. Did someone create a paedophile?