The Internet is full of games. Erverywhere you look, you see advertisments for the different Gaming-Apps and Online-Games. But the best games hide themselves under thousands of others. From fun puzzle games to senseless clicking-games you can find pretty much anything online. We collected the 10 weirdest games for you, that will get you hooked. So please take care when playing these! Very addicting!

10. Game about square

The title sais it all. This genius Puzzlegame is all about squares. It super simple and super fun!


9. AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist is an IDLE-Game. Basically the game keeps running, even when you are not playing. Goal of the game is to generate as much money as possible. To achieve your goal you can buy and upgrade buisnesses. Very addicting!




8. Finger Tap Challenge

The goal of Finger Tap Challenge is to tap the screen faster than your opponent. Very intuitive and lots of fun! Best played together with a friend!

7. Emoji Cosmos

This game has been completely created from Emojis. Funny idea! The gamemechanic remind of Flappy Bird. Due to the fun emojis, its much more interesting, though!

6. Kick Ass

This game transforms your browser into a space shooter. With your spaceship you can destroy any site on the internet. Pull the button up to your bookmarks and your ready to go. Just open the “KickAss”-Link on the site, that you want to destroy and get going! Have fun destroying the web!


5. Goat Simulator

This completley pointless game enjoys great popularity in the web-community. If you dont know it yet, take a look! This is so stupid, its good again.

4. CodeMonkey

CodeMonkey will teach you how to program in a very playful way. If your interessted in programming but dont know, where to start, this is your thing!

Ein Affe kratzt sich

3. Mission: pic

Mission:pic is a fun game for photographers. Every day, there is a specific mission. Goal of these missions is to take a picture, that fits the daily mission. Every day the community votes on the pictures. Can you bring your pictures to the top?


2. Skip a beat

This is really innovative game is playing with your heartbeat! Or rather the other way around. You controll the game with your heartbeat. The game uses the camera of your iPhone to meassure it. This is something really new! Go for it!
1. Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire is way to addictive. The game-mechanic is based on you tapping the screen as often and as fast as you can. For every tap, you get a certain amount of virtual bitcoins. With the aquired money, you can buy and upgrade your bitcoin empire to increase the worth of your taps. Even though its very simple, you cant stop playing! Must play!