It’s hard to believe how many weird food names there are. What was the producer thinking? A funny name, that attracts attention makes sense, but these names of the items scare the customers off. Take a look at the 10 weirdest food names.

10. Crap

Well, I’d say that the producer doesn’t really believe in his product. You wouldn’t call it crap, would you? And why does it say “Negro” on this little sign above?

9. HEINZ Spotted Dick
I doubt that this name encourages people to buy this product. O.k., people know what they get from HEINZ for money ­čśë

8. Golden Gaytime

This name doesn’t really scares off, but I bet the producers haven’t thought of the possible connotation that might be aroused.

7. Pork Uterus

I can’t believe it and I’m speechless. Well, enjoy your meal!

6. Pee Cola
How can you choose this name in order to advertise something to drink? Do you think pee will convince people of the flavour?
5. Tastes like Grandma – “Schmeckt wie Gro├čmutter”

Of course, we all love our grandmother, but we don’t want to taste her!

4. Bull Shit / Good Shit / Special Shit
They want us to sprinkle shit on our chicken? This can’t hit the spot!

3. Soup for sluts

They seem to address a very special target here. No slut, no soup!

2. Nut Meat
Of course it’s a veggie meal, but when you read nuts, you think of something else, don’t you?

1. Placenta Jelly

Well, i guess this isn’t just a weird name, it’s a weird food as well.