Tattoos decorate the body your whole life long. Therefore you should think twice, which motif you choose. With regard to several tattoos you sometimes ask yourself if the people will regret their tattoos later. We have collected for you the 10 weirdest belly button tattoos that are funny and bad fails at the same time.

10. This motif indeed is kind of cute and funny, but I doubt that you’ll still like it in a couple of years. Well, I hope this is painted and no real tattoo.

9. Well, there is a lot of space on this belly, why not using it for a tattoo? I have to admit that the belly button is perfectly integrated into the motif.

8. There’s no doubt that rastes differ. But… the belly button perfectly matches to the cow’s bottom.

7. Haha, this Minion tattoo actually is really cute.

6. Roaaar! This is a mighty tiger on a mighty stomach.

Tiger - Bauchnabel Tattoo

5. Well, this really is a comfortable place for Buddha!

4. Lol! Look at this! Krang from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A tattoo, which you can feed. What a great idea!

3. This is a cute mule, but next time please shave the whole stomach.

2. Lol! The tattooist did a great job. The cat looks great and the belly button is perfectly integrated 😉

1. OMG! Here, I really have to admit that this tattoo is FUNNY!