The Internet is full off awesome and crazy videos. Every once in a while a video spreads to the whole internet, so that almos everybdy knows them. These viral Videos are usually very funny and alway a pleasure to see. We collected the best viral videos just for you. This is not supposed to be a ranking. You decide which video you like the most. They are all awesome!
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10. DER Radiolacher! (german)
Unless you understand german, you wont get much from this. The newscaster in this audio-file just cant stop laughing. This will make every german laugh in an instant. Try to see if it works for you too!

9. Laugh attack at the worst time
The moderator of the dutch talkshow “Boomerang” just cant help it. He is laughing at hi guest for better or for worse. This is so incredibly emberassing and funny at the same time, that it hurts.

8. Double rainbow (2010)
This video was uploaded for the first time in 2009. It came to new fame after schmoyoho remixed the video and created the lovely “double rainbow song”. The person in this video just loves the double rainbow so much!


schmoyoho Remix:

7. Charlie bit my finger (2007)
In this video, you can watch Charlie bite his older brothers finger. Doesnt sound so amazing? 800 million people have seen this video and they disagree! WATCH!

6. Evolution of dance (2006)
The young man in this video is dancing like crazy. But he isnt only dancing to one song, no! He dances to a total of 32 songs with a genius choreography. An absolut classic of internet history!

5. Star Wars Kid (2006)
This legendary video show a young, rather corpulent guy, trying to imidate Darth Maul from Star Wars. His performance is epic and has to be seen! Nut who uploaded this shamefull video? Probably not the author of this gem!

4. Chocolate Rain (2007)
Tay Zonday uploaded this video of his genius performance back in 2007- This video was an instant classis and is beeing klicked every day since then. Today it has more than 100 million clicks.

3. Numa Numa guy (2006)
The Numa Numa guy caused a hype in 2006. In this video we can watch the “Numa Numa guy” moving his lips and body to Dragostea din Tei by O-Zone.
This video sparked a wave of videos, that did the same thing. Lipsyncing and dancing to this trashy song.

2. Bed intruder song
The “bed intruder song” by the music group schmoyoho is based on an actual news broadcast, telling the story of a breakin. Even though the original video is quite funny, the song is just epic!

1. David after Dentist
You probably already know David. We just love him so much, that we just had to include him in this post. If you dont know David yet, your in for a pleasant surprise! Promise!