There are these days when everything goes wrong and you simply are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even comforting words doesn’t help then. However, unfortunately it is funny to watch pictures of these jinxes. We have collected for you the 10 unluckiest jinxes who you feel pity for but laugh at anyhow.

10. OMG! This is one of the spookiest imagination EVER! But fortunatelly you can’t die several deaths. Here, the driver of the funeral car is the jinx.

9. This raises the question whether the woman dressed in red & black has taken a seat on the wet painted red & black bench on purpose.

8. It’s all his own fault. Just stop committing crimes and you don’t need to flee from the police in an area with cacti.

7. Run, Forrest, Run! There are much nicer activities than fleeing from a hippo.

6. The employee who has totally messed this up obviously is fired and needs to find himself a new job.

5. Oh no! This caused damage will come expensive.

4. What a horror! But these people obviously are quite lucky in the circumstances.

3. In this case we have 2 jinxes, but they won’t get friends, I guess.

2. OMG! This must hurt. Anybody should help her!

1. Oh! That’s disgusting. But probably the dog just wanted to be gentle and wanted to serve a cooling from the summer heat.