The time you spend in Uni is magical! There are so many things to experience, to fell and to forget. The most important thing about Uni is, that you dont take it to seriously. Same goes for yourself by the way. 😉 Just live a little! These are the things you just have to experience!

10. Party all night long and go straight to Uni. No sleeping allowed!

9. Don’t find your seminar-room because you partied all night long.

8. Write an exam without ever going to any lectures.

7. Prepare a group-presentation and let your classmates do all the work.

6. Sit on the stairs because the lecture is way to full.

5. Draw something on the tables!

Someone at my uni keeps drawing masterpieces everywhere.

4. Flat Partys!!
wg party

3. Insert this in a seminar paper and find out if your Prof actualy read your work: „If you read this, you will get one bottle of champagne!“

2. Sitting in a seminar, and notice its the wrong one half an hour later.

1. Forget to Re-register and go crazy because you think your will be expelled.

What have we missed? What do you think belongs to the real Uni experience? Let us know!