There are many cute pictures of dogs, but these pictures will melt your heart. Some dogs are so damn cute, when they are sleeping. Aren’t these the sweetest pictures of dogs you have ever seen? 

10. Haha, this dog seems to have a very funny dream. It’s so cute how he shows his teeth. What a beautiful smile!

9. You really can’t imagine that this sleeping position is comfortable. Cats sleep like that, o.k.! But such a big dog? How does he do that?

8. Yeah! This little friend here really looks relaxed. What does he do with his paws?

7. Ohhhhh! It is soooo cute how the puppy stretches his legs up in the air.

6. What did this dog do that he’s that tired to sleep in this position?

5. THIS sleeping position is really weird. Well, but it seems to be comfortable for this little lad.

4. Haha, it’s so funny how the pug shows his tongue while sleeping.

3. Oh! That can’t be comfortable. Hopefully this little guy doesn’t slide downwards.

2. OMG! How cute is this?! This little dog fell asleep on the woman’s arm.

1. Unbelievable. One dog is cuter than the other. This puppy takes a nap in his bowl. Well, I guess it smells great.