We tend to say that everything was better in the old days. Mostly we refer to the times of our late childhood, when we enjoyed a more carefree life than any adult. At the sight of these pictures of the 10 oddest inventions from the past, you are glad to live in the here and now.

10. Haha, No! These people didn’t wrap sausages arount their bodies. These are bicycle inner tubes, which function as lifejacket.

9. Today you might think of a Deichkind music video when you see this picture. But no, people used these things to protect their faces from rain and snow.

8. The idea is really clever. What a great division of work. And the child will enjoy the swing.

7. Wow! I would nearly call this shower cap 2.0. With this invention not only your hair, but also your makeup is protected from the water.

6. Lol! With this invention you can smoke even though it is raining. Well, but it looks stupid.

5. This hat with the integrated radio reminds me a bit of the iconic cartoon series Inspector Gadget 😉

4. Here we see glasses which make it possible that you can read lying down.

3. An extendible caravan! This is really perfect when you go on a road trip.

2. Isn’t this weird? It would also make a great Halloween costume.

1. This gas pram looks really spooky. I guess we are all glad to live in the here and now.