Unbelievable how ridiculous it is to put stupid face selfie pictures on facebook, instagram or wherever your friends can give slimey comments to these beautiful looking pictures. You know, that they lie and think you’re an idiot. The new trend is called Selfie Stick. This absurd product is used to get some panoramic views of yours while taking a photograph, which can not be more stupid. But, look at the pictures below which present evidence for the loss of culture via using a selfie stick.

10. Hmm. This reminds one of the old trend of akward bones. But at least it is a very cool way to present new shiny white trousers to the public. NOT!

9. Knock, knock who’s there? This situation would be even funnier if the left girl called the right one to take a crazy selfie together. Woohoooo!

8. Ah shit. That really hurts.

7. Every selfie stick hater will like that video 😉

6. Whoop whoop. The selfie stick did not like the face, but…

5. Trigger. Fire!

4. One minute of fame via my sweet little selfie stick. Hey Mama, I am on TV, can you see my stick?

3. Some teenagers enjoy a ride and take a video via their selfie stick, but in just a few seconds, the situation gets horrible!

2. Oh please, mr. president, please don’t!
obama selfie stick

1. That version of selfie stick should be obligatory to use everywhere … by EVERYONE!